Who are you there for?

Luke 7:11-17

Jesus went to a town called Nain, accompanied by his disciples and a great number of people. When he was near the gate of the town it happened that a dead man was being carried out for burial, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow.

And a considerable number of the townspeople were with her. When the Lord saw her he felt sorry for her. ‘Do not cry’ he said. Then he went up and put his hand on the bier and the bearers stood still, and he said, ‘Young man, I tell you to get up.’ And the dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him to his mother. Everyone was filled with awe and praised God saying, ‘A great prophet has appeared among us; God has visited his people.’ And this opinion of him spread throughout Judaea and all over the countryside.

Scripture: The words that spoke to me today are

When the Lord saw her he felt sorry for her

Observation: Who are you there for?

Jesus feels pity, compassion and love for this woman that has just lost her last key relationship, now she is all alone with no support, breadwinner or family. I have often wondered why Jesus would bring this son back to life and not others that he encountered and it strikes me this morning that he didn’t want this woman to be alone. He brings the son back to life so that he can be there for his mother, that he places people in our lives for a reason. By doing this we have an opportunity to see the presence of Jesus through the presence of others.


Initially my thoughts go to “who has Jesus placed in my life so that I can see him?”, once again a very self-centered response. Luckily, Jesus prompts me to ask, ”who are you there for?”. Whose life have I been placed in to provide that support, so that in some small way another person might be able to see Jesus in my company. I do think that it is important to reflect on who has come in to my life and brought me closer to Jesus, to be grateful and also at the same time reflect on whose life I have been placed in for the same reason. So today I do both, see who has been there for me through Jesus and see who I can be there for as well. I might even speak to them about if that’s what Jesus wants.


You place people in my life out of love, so that I may be able to see you and experience your presence.
For these people and to you I am most grateful.
May I respond today and be there for others as you are there for me.
Let me not hesitant or be doubtful.
Help me to see you in all people and have an open heart to hold your presence for others