Matthew 9:32-37

A man was brought to Jesus, a dumb demoniac. And when the devil was cast out, the dumb man spoke and the people were amazed. ‘Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel’ they said. But the Pharisees said, ‘It is through the prince of devils that he casts out devils.’

Jesus made a tour through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom and curing all kinds of diseases and sickness.
And when he saw the crowds he felt sorry for them because they were harassed and dejected, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to his harvest.’

Scripture: Scripture: The words in the scripture that spoke to me are

The harvest is rich but the laborers are few,

Observation: What is Jesus saying personally to me today – Undeterred

People are backstabbing Jesus, he is working relentlessly and the shear number of people in need is overwhelming. He doesn’t give up, he sees us all with compassion and starts encouraging others to enlist through asking God to send more workers. Jesus is undeterred, in fact, He appears to more determined in the face of the insurmountable. He will not do this by himself, there is God the Father, the Holy spirit and those people that answer the call by saying yes. It is quite the collective.

Thank you for speaking to me Jesus

Application: How do I respond to what Jesus is saying to me today, right now what do I do?

I have lost a bit of my passion for ministry lately. It feels like work, a job or responsibility that just needs to be done because I said yes at some stage. I know that within myself after a period of time, that I can get bored, distracted and want to move on to the next challenge. This morning Jesus inspires me to stick with it but to do it with Him. In the face of all the things that can distract, disparage, disconnect, deter, I need to be like Jesus and be determined. Today is not about doing something new or different but more around appreciating and acknowledging Jesus in my life, ministry, family and what He has called me to do. Today I make a re-commitment to continue with Daily conversation with God.


I will be a laborer for you where ever and whatever you want me to do.
I will take comfort in your call, rest in your heart and strength in your love.
Refill me with your passion.