The Hope of Freedom

What is Jesus saying personally to me today – The hope of Freedom

“we too groan inwardly as we wait for our bodies to be set free.” This groaning inwardly feels like pain, weakness, frustration, impatience but the key message in the reading is hope, the hope of freedom from the constraints of our bodies. There is a disproportionate influence our bodies have over our minds and actions until the point in time where we face it with love, acceptance and the freedom of being one with God. This doesn’t mean giving up, being overly judgmental or harsh but rather a loving and hopeful disposition where we journey along the freedom path without reluctance.

thank you for speaking to me Jesus

How do I respond to what Jesus is saying personally to me today?

For me it is to get the balancing act right. The right measure of fortitude and persistence with the right measure of surrender, hope and trust. I nearly gave up on this morning until I read the scriptures and it was the perfect reminder to keep on going with the hope of freedom. I cannot allow my body to be my master but I must love it while surrendering to Gods’ spirit. So I recommit to my practices today, don’t change direction and continue to pray to Mary for intercession.


through your holy mother I reach out to you for more of your freedom.
May my master be your spirit not my body.
May I love and respect this body that you have given me to carry this soul that you created in you.

Romans 8:22-27

From the beginning till now the entire creation, as we know, has been groaning in one great act of giving birth; and not only creation, but all of us who possess the first-fruits of the Spirit, we too groan inwardly as we wait for our bodies to be set free. For we must be content to hope that we shall be saved – our salvation is not in sight, we should not have to be hoping for it if it were – but, as I say, we must hope to be saved since we are not saved yet – it is something we must wait for with patience.
The Spirit too comes to help us in our weakness. For when we cannot choose words in order to pray properly, the Spirit himself expresses our plea in a way that could never be put into words, and God who knows everything in our hearts knows perfectly well what he means, and that the pleas of the saints expressed by the Spirit are according to the mind of God.