Scripture: Luke 21:12-19

Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Men will seize you and persecute you; they will hand you over to the synagogues and to imprisonment, and bring you before kings and governors because of my name – and that will be your opportunity to bear witness.

Keep this carefully in mind: you are not to prepare your defence, because I myself shall give you an eloquence and a wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to resist or contradict. You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, relations and friends; and some of you will be put to death. You will be hated by all men on account of my name, but not a hair of your head will be lost. Your endurance will win you your lives.’


What is the opportunity to bear witness in the relatively peaceful modern society that I live in? There is, unlike in other regions of the world, no one that will kill me for proclaiming that I am a Christian although there may be some form of discrimination. So what is bearing witness to me? I think that it is all the small actions and moments where I can show how God loves me, to be the example of how he has been present in my life. I start to understand that any witness that I can provide needs to be a continuous expression, not just a one off. No one takes that seriously, it has to be a repeated action so that it is proof that Jesus has made a permanent affect on me. This is where endurance is required, the witness of again and again so that Gods love is irrefutable, undeniable, delicious and attractive. I have not the eloquence and wisdom to provide the words that express his love for me, my vocabulary is totally inadequate. The best I can do is show it to others and trust that if I have to use my words that the holy spirit will speak through me.


Perhaps when Jesus speaks of this eloquence and wisdom he speaking to me about this being exhibited in a manner that is not through words, perhaps this is not my gift. I am a “doer” and maybe the Lord will provide me with the blessings of eloquence and wisdom through my actions.
I know that there will an opportunity to bear witness today, it’s inevitable. I am in a training course that people will get a chance to ask me about my ministry, no doubts as it has already happened over the last two days. When I use my words I feel that they have little impact, although, I trust that there is a chance I am planting seeds and only God knows when and if they may germinate. Today I will be a good listener, inquisitive, compassionate and show love as my witness to Gods love. One of the saints says to “share the gospel then use your words”, this works for me.


You have provided everything I need to bear your witness
Let me be open to the manner in which you have gifted me to do this even if I am unaware of the gifts
May I draw on all the times that you have made your presence in my life felt as the fuel and encouragement to show love to others
Make me an image of your love
I turn to you today for guidance and inspiration in all my encounters