Not everything is a finality

Romans 12:3-13

In the light of the grace I have received I want to urge each one among you not to exaggerate his real importance. Each of you must judge himself soberly by the standard of the faith God has given him. Just as each of our bodies has several parts and each part has a separate function, so all of us, in union with Christ, form one body, and as parts of it we belong to each other. Our gifts differ according to the grace given us.

If your gift is prophecy, then use it as your faith suggests; if administration, then use it for administration; if teaching, then use it for teaching. Let the preachers deliver sermons, the almsgivers give freely, the officials be diligent, and those who do works of mercy do them cheerfully.
Do not let your love be a pretence, but sincerely prefer good to evil. Love each other as much as brothers should, and have a profound respect for each other. Work for the Lord with untiring effort and with great earnestness of spirit. If you have hope, this will make you cheerful. Do not give up if trials come; and keep on praying. If any of the saints are in need you must share with them; and you should make hospitality your special care.

Scripture:The words in the scripture that spoke to me today are

If you have hope, this will make you cheerful. Do not give up if trials come; and keep on praying.

Observation: What is Jesus saying personally to me today – Not everything is a finality

To loose hope is to believe that my circumstances will not change but there are only a small number of finalities such as death, taxes and change itself. Everything changes during the earthly existence and to believe that a difficult experience will always stay the same enables or facilitates the lose of hope and then and sense of being cheerful. The answer to combat this comes immediately in the next several words, do not give up and keep on praying.

Thank you for speaking to me Jesus

Application: How do I respond to what Jesus is saying to me today?

Pretty straight forward response today, I need to pray so not to loose hope. Pray that I will be able to see God in all circumstance or at least seek him out in the opportunity of hardship. God is a finality, His existence and love do not change and this the most important thing, not my momentary pain and suffering. Let’s see if I can be cheerful and hopeful through my prayers today.


unstick my mind from its indulgence.
Turn it to you.
May your grace and my desire result in hope and cheerfulness.
I smile, I think of you, my heart is yours.