Is it really suffering

What is Jesus saying personally to me today – Is it really suffering

I feel that Peter is challenging the perception of suffering, that perhaps there is nothing extraordinary about it and that it is a natural condition for those that are seeking Christ. If this is so and the end goal is to be in complete union with Him, then all that we go through is a blessing. Expect to suffer or reframe the word suffer to something else because is it really suffering if we are getting closer to God?

Thank you for speaking to me Jesus

How do I respond to what Jesus is saying personally to me today?

It is in the internal battle that I see myself suffering the most. There is nothing extraordinary about this, I am no worse or better off than anyone else seeking Christ. The questions of why me or thoughts of, it’s so hard are dismissive of the blessing of God being so interested in me that he refuses to leave me in a position of ignorance of him. As soon as I start to believe that it is hard and I am oppressed, victimised and misunderstood, I go some distance then fall down. This pattern is dumb, it is futile and being founded in my own strength is destined to fail. Today I must stop resisting the provocative and challenging style of love that someone close to me is providing. I am defensive and dismissive within my heart [not outwardly] and this must stop right now. I must see this all as blessings and nothing less.


Teach me about your blessings, reframe my understanding of your way and your love.
Take me from seeing myself as a hard done by victim to the blessed son.

1 Peter 4:12-19

My dear people, you must not think it unaccountable that you should be tested by fire. There is nothing extraordinary in what has happened to you. If you can have some share in the sufferings of Christ, be glad, because you will enjoy a much greater gladness when his glory is revealed. It is a blessing for you when they insult you for bearing the name of Christ, because it means that you have the Spirit of glory, the Spirit of God resting on you. None of you should ever deserve to suffer for being a murderer, a thief, a criminal or an informer; but if anyone of you should suffer for being a Christian, then he is not to be ashamed of it; he should thank God that he has been called one. The time has come for the judgement to begin at the household of God; and if what we know now is only the beginning, what will it be when it comes down to those who refuse to believe God’s Good News? If it is hard for a good man to be saved, what will happen to the wicked and to sinners? So even those whom God allows to suffer must trust themselves to the constancy of the creator and go on doing good