Intimate invitation

John 10:11-16

Jesus said:
‘I am the good shepherd:
the good shepherd is one who lays down his life for his sheep.
The hired man, since he is not the shepherd
and the sheep do not belong to him,
abandons the sheep and runs away
as soon as he sees a wolf coming,
and then the wolf attacks and scatters the sheep;

this is because he is only a hired man
and has no concern for the sheep.
‘I am the good shepherd;
I know my own
and my own know me,
just as the Father knows me
and I know the Father;
and I lay down my life for my sheep.
And there are other sheep I have
that are not of this fold,
and these I have to lead as well.
They too will listen to my voice,
and there will be only one flock,
and one shepherd.’

Scripture: The words in the scripture that spoke to me today are

I know my own
and my own know me,
just as the Father knows me
and I know the Father;
and I lay down my life for my sheep.

Observation: What is Jesus saying personally to me today?

Jesus and the Father have an intimate, close and personal relationship and Jesus is promising the same for me to the point where he is prepared to lay His life down for me. I feel like a new member of the flock and still don’t quite know His voice as well as I could. As Jesus is obedient and both the Father and He are in constant loving communication, he is saying to me that he considers me to be in the same standing. It is a bit to get my head around but essentially for this to happen I need to listen to his voice. I need to be able to know that what I hear is from Him, not myself or from someone else.

Thank you for speaking to me Jesus

Application: How do I respond to what Jesus is saying to me today, right now?

Two applications today. Firstly I need to spend a bit more time with him as I have let my afternoon 25 minute mediation slip for the last week due to work. Secondly I need to reach out to someone for assistance in putting together a talk I am doing to make sure that I understand the theology behind the topic. This is to put myself in the position to hear the words of Jesus through another person. He speaks to me in many different ways, people and things and I will open myself to hear his words. Both applications are difficult for different reasons but I know that he takes me in to the uncomfortable because there is something that he wants me to know and I think that it is to get to know his voice and him more intimately.


this offer of being your sheep, a part of your flock is almost to much to accept.
May my feelings of inadequacy be stripped away as I say yes.
Take me deeper to know your voice.
Speak to me to the degree that you know I can bare.
I surrender to the unknown depths that you want to take me.