How to S.O.A.P


We know what they are, we know what they are for but we don’t always use them. Sometimes they just sit in the shed or shelf and become somewhat of a trophy. After time we forget that we have them and we also forget how to use them properly. If we use them frequently we become experts in the purpose they we designed for.
This tool is designed for satisfying the universal truth that all people require food for the soul. The living word of the scriptures is the food and this technique is a tool in which we will be able to feed ourselves this wonderful feast.
This is not a bible study but a manner in which we let the Holy Spirit speak to us on a deep and personal level.


The SOAP is a tool to respond to gods call, hear the living word and become closer to our lord

Scripture- The goal of “S” is to write down a verse(s)

If you want a real and deep relationship we must talk with God, not once a year, we must start the conversation and the start is the scriptures.  Take 10 minutes to read through the scriptures. Now read through them again and this time, underline or circle the words that are speaking or standing out to you

Observation-  The goal of “O” is to capture you believe is happening

This is real observation, slow down, don’t skim and contemplate what God is saying to you. Sometimes when we read we don’t really see, hear or understand what is being said. Take some time, be deliberate and pray on it, write your observations

Application- The goal of “A” is to ask how it applies to your life right now

Personal “I want you to, listen to, respond to act on…”. use the words, “I” “me”, not they or us – make it personal, go deep, reflect on what god wants you to do in your life.

Prayer– The goal of “P” is to write a prayer that captures your response to God.

This is the two-way part of the conversation. Relationships require two people to be vulnerable, be truthful and to share deeply.
Prayer is a discipline, its tangible and a way of reading Gods way daily. It is a life changing experience given freely by the Holy Spirit. It’s God’s WAY OF TEACHING US TO DO HIS WILL AND RESPOND TO THE SITUATIONS WE ENCOUNTER IN OUR LIVES.

  • Tips
  • Have the right goal
  • Stick to a time that works for you
  • No catch-up readings
  • Recognise that some days you will not want to have the conversation
  • Don’t feel the pressure to do the whole reading
  • Share with others