Don’t deny my true nature

What is Jesus saying personally to me today – Don’t deny my true nature

We may be unfaithful but Jesus is never unfaithful to us even when we fail him. Why? Because he lives within us, we are a part of him and to turn away would be to abandon a part of our humanness. Jesus as a man understands this and as God has unlimited patience compassion and love for us. If this is the truth, then we have the same nature of God, full of patience, love and compassion, it is the very foundation of our being and everything that distracts us from this is just that, a distraction.

Thank you for speaking to me Jesus

How do I respond to what Jesus is saying personally to me today?

Stop pretending that I am not all of the things that are like Jesus. It is untrue to believe that being loving and forgiving is soft, that being harsh and judgemental is justified. To turn away from all these beautiful attributes is to deny my true nature. At the very heart of my being is Jesus, I am created for love, so when I am feeling vulnerable I will say, to be soft is strong, to be harsh is soft, soft is love and compassion, harsh is judgemental and lie to myself self. There are a few people that I am dismissing because of self protection and I need to go closer not pull away, time to get back in to the love game!


May I be as faithful to myself as you are.
Help me to understand mine and your true nature more fully.
Teach me more about love and compassion
Help to accept all that you tell me.

2 Timothy 2:8-15

Remember the Good News that I carry, ‘Jesus Christ risen from the dead, sprung from the race of David’; it is on account of this that I have my own hardships to bear, even to being chained like a criminal – but they cannot chain up God’s news. So I bear it all for the sake of those who are chosen, so that in the end they may have the salvation that is in Christ Jesus and the eternal glory that comes with it.
Here is a saying that you can rely on:
If we have died with him, then we shall live with him.
If we hold firm, then we shall reign with him.
If we disown him, then he will disown us.
We may be unfaithful, but he is always faithful,
for he cannot disown his own self.
Remind them of this; and tell them in the name of God that there is to be no wrangling about words: all that this ever achieves is the destruction of those who are listening. Do all you can to present yourself in front of God as a man who has come through his trials, and a man who has no cause to be ashamed of his life’s work and has kept a straight course with the message of the truth.