God speaks to us

God speaks

At daily conversation with god “Our intent is”

To show that God speaks to us personally

Even Jesus needed to hear his father speak personally to him. Matthew 17:5 “This is my son, whom I am well pleased, listen to him”. God speaks to us in an accessible manner and that is through the living words of the bible. He has a personalized message for each one of us that is relevant to where we are at this point in time, right now. Many us have not experienced God speaking to us personally, but it is possible and it does happen.

inspire others

To inspire others to pray daily

If we want to have a personal relationship with Jesus and thus the heavenly Father, then we should pray daily. God smiles every time we turn up to say hello and have a conversation. He doesn’t want to see us once or twice a year, he desperately wants to be with us and enjoy our company all the time. The rewards of having a daily conversation with God are plentiful, rich and un-compared to anything that would could experience. We are his greatest creations, he delights in our company and rejoices in our presence every day.

relationship with jesus

and for us all to establish a personal relationship with Jesus

This intimate relationship that Christians speak of can be compared to the relationships that we have with others. The closest and intimate relationships that we enjoy have developed over extended periods, have taken effort and time, none developed overnight. To get to know Jesus we have to spent time with him, listening to him and responding to him. This fills our lives with meaning and purpose and helps us lead the life full of joy and peace that he speaks of, that he promises.

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